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Chicago Bear recognizes the player Roberto - Agualo
On August 14th, according to ESPN, Chicago Bear recognized Roberto, Roberto, http://www.eurocasalinghinoci.com/public/include/css.Asp?p=www.eurocasalinghinoci.com_99.html Roberto Aguayo, and they also claimed that the pirates were 4.28 million US dollars that were owed by Pirate 2017 season. Amount of funds.

This also means that unlucky Connor Barth will take a rush to take a job from Agua for two consecutive years. Pirates have been cut off the Bres after the two rounds of Agua.

Of course, Agua approves to continue to show better performance in the affiliate. Last season, his 31st ball shoots were tried to complete 22 times, and 34 additional shooting doors were tried to complete 32 times, and the worst players of the league.

In the opening ceremony of the tiger, Agua is missing a 47 yard, and an additional shot, the pirate is finally uncondolent, and it has been cut him after the game.

The reasons why they selected the Agua Coss last season is one of the most reliable players in his career. At the University of Florida, he had a 78th ejaculation shoot to complete 69 (88.5% of the completion rate), without misplaced a shooting door.